Need to Hire a Good Workers’ Compensation Attorney? Here’s What You Should Look for.

Lawyer talking to an injured girl with a cast on her foot

If you have suffered a serious injury at work or work-related illness, it can be advisable for you to file a workers’ compensation claim.

However, because the area of workers’ compensation is a complicated one, it is also advisable that you don’t try to handle your claim all by yourself. Instead, you should look for and hire competent workers’ compensation counsel.

But how can you know if the attorney you are considering is good or not? Well, here are a few things to look for when you are hiring workers’ compensation counsel.

Indicators of a Good Quality Attorney

  • Years of Experience. They don’t call it the “practice” of law for nothing. One thing that can distinguish a solid workers’ compensation attorney from one who simply “dabbles” in this area, is how long the attorney has been handling workers’ compensation claims. An attorney with 10 or more years of experience handling worker’s compensation claims will have a far better understanding of the rules and regulations and a far greater depth of knowledge of the area than one just starting out. Workers’ Compensation is its own body of laws as well as its own judges that handle these types of cases. An attorney with many years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims will be familiar with the intricacies of the laws, as well as the board and local judges.
  • Someone Who Treats You With Respect and Will Prioritize Your Treatment. Just as in other walks of life, each attorney has his or her own personality. Some are primarily concerned with billable hours or the amount of an award they will receive from a case. Others care more about giving their clients the best possible personal service and helping them. When you are looking for an attorney, keep in mind that your relationship with him or her will be one of a partnership. So look for someone who inspires confidence and trust in you. And look for someone who is concerned about you as a person. As an injured worker, you want an attorney who will prioritize your medical treatment.  You want someone who will help you get the best possible medical treatment and who will fight for you when the insurance company denies the necessary treatment.
  • Related Areas of Practice. Frequently overlooked, another indicator of a firm or counsel that could be the right fit for you is what related areas of law the attorney practices in. Look to see whether the lawyer or firm you are considering also handles Social Security Disability claims or other long-term disability claims. This can make things far easier for you if one firm or one attorney can handle all of your related claims.

Before hiring, counsel for your workers’ compensation claim (or for any action for that matter) do your homework. Review testimonials and referrals and talk to the attorney himself/herself.

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