At the Scene of a Car Crash, Don’t Do This.

Two people talking outside of a car

You may have seen lots of articles that tell you what you should do if you are involved in a car crash.

But what about what you should not do?

Other than leaving the scene, here’s the one thing you should never do if you are involved in a car accident…

Make A Deal With The Other Driver.  

The one thing you should never do if you are in a car accident—no matter how minor the accident may be—is to make a deal with the other driver—on anything.

  • Do not agree not to report the accident to the police.
  • Do not agree not to report the accident to your insurance company.
  • Do not agree to a price for your property damages.
  • Do not agree to just “forget about” your injuries or a price for your injuries.

You should not do any of these things, even if the accident is a minor one.


Because in the immediate aftermath of a car crash, you simply don’t know the extent of the damage or the extent of injuries. Sometimes in minor crashes, the damage to the car, like crumpling inside or underneath the bumper isn’t obvious. Until you have your car thoroughly gone over you cannot be sure of the exact extent of the damage. So if you agree with the other driver to a price for your damages and it turns out your car repairs are more expensive or that the other guy won’t pay, you will be sorry.

If too much time has passed, his insurance company might try to avoid paying the claim because he didn’t report the accident to them. All insurance policies require drivers to report accidents to them.

More importantly, you can never be certain at the scene of an accident just how injured you or anyone else maybe. Oftentimes, the adrenaline rush you get immediately after impact prevents you from feeling pain. It has often transpired that individuals think they are not injured while at the scene, but they find out hours or days later that they have serious internal bleeding or internal injuries.

It is simply not worth risking.

If you are involved in a car accident, take the right steps. Stop. Pullover to the side. Call the police and get a police report. Exchange information and report it to your insurance company. Take pictures if you can, seek medical help, get an attorney if you need to. But above all, follow the rules.

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