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Louisiana Mesothelioma Lawyers

Helping You Recover From Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma in Baton Rouge and Throughout louisiana

Mesothelioma, or malignant mesothelioma, is a rare, incurable form of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus, asbestos exposure is the main cause of mesothelioma.

Here in Louisiana, we have oil refineries, offshore drilling platforms, shipyards, and other industries known for posing serious health risks to their workers, including asbestos-related diseases. These industries drive our economy, but the workers are its backbone, and all too often, negligent manufacturers put these individuals at risk.

Manufacturers of asbestos-containing products have known about the health risks associated with their products since the 1930s when doctors first began to warn factory owners, mine owners, and asbestos manufacturers of its danger to workers. Despite the warnings, companies continued to design, manufacture, and sell asbestos-containing products without providing workers with adequate protective gear. As a result, workers continued inhaling the asbestos fibers. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the public first became aware of the dangers of asbestos and asbestos-related products. But by then, it was too late for many shipbuilders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, ironworkers, machinists, boilermakers, miners, oil drillers, steelworkers, laborers, and pipefitters.

Because mesothelioma has such a long latency period, workers who were exposed to asbestos 10, 20, and even 50 years ago are just now beginning to experience the symptoms of malignant mesothelioma.

If you believe you were exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma, please call the Louisiana injury attorneys at Day Law Group at (225) 465-1232 to schedule a FREE legal consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Who Is At Fault?

In addition to the manufacturers of asbestos products, we now know that distributors, suppliers, contractors, and premier owners (particularly big oil companies) were aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure. Even with this knowledge, these negligent companies did nothing to protect their own employees, nor the contractors who worked at their facilities.

If you are facing a life-changing diagnosis, you may be able to hold these institutions accountable. Our Louisiana mesothelioma lawyers are passionately committed to helping our clients stand up for their rights and get the compensation they deserve. We can hold manufacturers and employers accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

What Are the Symptoms of Mesothelioma?

Malignant mesothelioma affects the mesothelium, which is the special tissue that lines your lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs. The cancer typically starts in the lungs, but it can also start in the abdomen or any internal organs.

The disease develops after exposure to asbestos particles and takes a long time to develop.

Symptoms usually include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain under the rib cage
  • Pain, swelling, or lumps in the abdomen
  • Unexplained weight loss

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately – especially if you know you have been exposed to asbestos. Once you have a diagnosis, consider taking legal action.

successful outcomes

  • Workers' Compensation Settlement $230 Thousand
  • Car Accident Settlement $375 Thousand
  • Car Accident Settlement $440 Thousand
  • Car Accident Judgement $1.2 Million
  • Car Accident Settlement $625 Thousand

Asbestos-Related Laws

The production and use of asbestos are now regulated at both the federal and state levels. Generally, these laws forbid asbestos in schools and provide specific instructions for working with and removing asbestos. Many asbestos-containing products are also banned.

We encourage anyone who suspects their employer or any other institution is breaking asbestos-related laws to contact us as soon as possible. We can help your report this misbehavior and keep you and other employees safe.

Our Baton Rouge mesothelioma attorneys can help you hold the responsible party financially liable, thus securing your future and giving you access to all the treatments and recovery time you need.

  • “Justin is a great lawyer, if not, the best lawyer. His passion for the well-being of his clients is amazing. I love having him as my lawyer. I will always call on Justin for my case.” - A.H.
  • The company that was sued on our behalf did not want to settle. Justin worked through it diligently. Job well done. I would recommend this law firm to anyone.

    - P.R.
  • “Everyone in the office was helpful and friendly, they made me feel important and like every question mattered. I was never rushed off the phone.” - E.C.

    What Are the Treatment Options for Someone With Mesothelioma?

    Thanks to modern science, mesothelioma is not always a death sentence. Unfortunately, doctors typically discover the disease in its more advanced stages, which makes it harder to treat.

    Treatments for mesothelioma include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. All of these treatments take an enormous toll on your body – and they do not come for free.

    When you are diagnosed with cancer and undergoing aggressive yet life-saving treatment, you may also be unable to work. The expenses related to your diagnosis can stack up quickly, which is why we urge clients to file lawsuits.

    If someone else caused your mesothelioma, you should not have to suffer the consequences alone.

    Why Choose Day Law Group?

    You have plenty of options when choosing an attorney, and you might be wondering what makes us different. We explain the perks of working with us below, but the best way to get to know our firm is to schedule a free consultation.

    Personal Attention

    Day Law Group is a small, family-oriented law firm that is client-centered in its practice. We don’t run big T.V. ads and we never have. At Day Law Group, you are not going to be shuffled off to paralegals, associates, or law clerks. You will work personally with our mesothelioma attorney partners: Justin and Georgia Day.

    If you are too unwell to come to us, we will come to you. For us, the wellbeing of our clients comes first. We fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve. We are tough in the courtroom, but we are caring and compassionate when it comes to our clients.

    When our clients call us, we return the call. When our clients need us, we are there – even on nights and weekends.

    Local Attorneys

    We are local attorneys, and we pride ourselves on giving our Baton Rouge clients the respect and personal attention they deserve.

    We live and work in Louisiana – just like you. Justin Day still works in the same building he started out in as a law clerk.

    We know Louisiana and the people who live here. We know the Louisiana law and court system in a way that big T.V. ad attorneys from out of state don’t and can’t. We’re a part of the Baton Rouge community and we are familiar with the local industries that have caused workers to incur asbestos-related diseases.

    Proven Results

    Our commitment to you means powerful representation and proven results. We know that no amount of money can ever bring about a cure for you, but a mesothelioma lawsuit can help you afford the treatments you need. And in the event you succumb to your disease, it can help protect the family you leave behind.


    At Day Law Group, we make representation affordable. We don’t get paid unless we win. This policy applies to every case we take except those brought under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

    To understand more about how contingency fees work, read our blog article, “What is Contingency Anyhow?”


    We have offices in Baton Rouge, and we serve Baker, Denham, Prairieville, Port Allen, New Orleans, Zachary, Iberville Parish, Point Coupee Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, Livingston Parish, St. James Parish, St. John Parish, Ascension Parish, and several other cities and parishes in Louisiana.

    Our attorneys are approachable and available to you. Meet the Day Law Group Team.

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