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Mechanical Issues are Huge When it Comes to the Big Rigs.

When it comes to legal investigations following a commercial trucking accident, most people look to the truck driver or the trucking company for negligence. For example, did the trucking company encourage drivers to drive over the required number of hours? Did they hire untrained drivers? Or, had the driver taken any drugs or alcohol? Was he texting and driving?

These are just some of the usual (and normal) questions that are asked during an investigation of negligence in a truck accident case.

While a thorough investigation of the company and the driver’s actions up to the time of the accident are a necessary part of any truck accident investigation, there are other critical issues that could cause or contribute to an accident.

Indeed, the number of variables involved in a trucking accident is one of the reasons why truck crash cases are complex and require special handling by experienced truck accident counsel.

Lots of Things Can Go Wrong.

Simply put, you need to look at the company and driver, and the truck, and the company that maintained it.

For big commercial trucks like 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers, there are a number of mechanical issues that could contribute to a truck wreck.

Big rigs require regular maintenance to keep them operating safely.  In fact, maintaining commercial trucks is so critical to the safety of truckers and everyone else on the road, that the federal and state laws that regulate the trucking industry mandate it.

Some common maintenance problems that can contribute to a truck wreck include (are not limited to) things such as:

  • Brake failure,
  • Damaged, missing, or broken reflective taping, signal lights, or headlights,
  • Broken coupling devices leading to the trailer disconnecting,
  • Tire blow out due to low tread or bad alignment,
  • Steering mechanism failure, and
  • Suspension failure.

While properly maintaining a fleet of trucks can help prevent disastrous accidents, the sad truth is that many trucking companies frequently don’t properly maintain their rigs.


It’s cheaper not to.

But what, exactly is the cost of not properly maintaining a commercial fleet of trucks?

Innocent lives.

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