The Dangers of a Concussion

Drawing of a head being hit by wrecking balls

A boxer goes down after a mighty blow to the head. Two football players bump helmets during a tackle or head-first fall. You’re involved in a head-on collision. Each one of these situations can cause a concussion.

Concussions Do Serious Damage to the Brain

A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). It is an injury to the brain that affects thinking and other aspects of cognitive function. According to the American Society of Neuroradiology, 75% of all TBIs are concussions.

Some concussions can be recovered from in a matter of days, but most take 3 weeks or more. Some of the general symptoms of a concussion are headaches, nausea, dizziness (vertigo), and ringing in the ears.

While often difficult to discern, there are some outward manifestations of a concussion-like: stumbling, slurred speech, unequally-sized pupils, loss of consciousness, or memory loss. Concussions can also lead to behavioral changes.

While most concussions are considered “mild” forms of a TBI and don’t result in long-term damage, if a person suffers multiple concussions close together, this can have long-term serious and lasting effects. Some of the effects of repeated concussions or unusually severe concussions include permanent cognitive damage and depression.

Treatment for Most Concussions

The most important part of treating a concussion is rest. For those who receive a concussion due to a sports activity, it is critical to stay off the court, out of the ring, or off the field until the injury is fully healed.


Because multiple concussions, especially in close proximity to one another, significantly increase the risk of long-term and possibly permanent damage to the brain.

It is also important to not engage in mental activities like reading, writing, calculating, watching television, or doing homework while you are recovering from a concussion. This could take weeks or it could take months. But giving your brain some time to heal is far better than living a life with permanent balance or cognitive (thinking) problems.

Louisiana Brain Injury Attorneys

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