February 1-7 is National Burn Awareness Week. A Little Bit About Burn Injuries.

A man having is elbow wrapped

The early part of February is always National Burn Awareness Week.

Burn injuries are among the most devastating and excruciating personal injuries one can suffer. Here in Louisiana, where our economy thrives on oil drilling and commercial fishing, burn injuries are not uncommon.

Burn Injuries and Explosions

A major risk of working on oil rigs or commercial fishing boats is fires. Some fires are caused by materials catching on fire, others are caused by explosions. The effects of an explosion are devastating.

For example, who doesn’t remember the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe? The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig caused a fire on the platform. Eleven (11) workers died and 17 were injured.

Among the most common injuries caused by an explosion are burns. Burns can result from violent exposure to heat (fires), chemicals (chemical burns), or electricity.

Burns can lead to months of hospitalization and rehabilitation and numerous painful surgeries to reconstruct damaged limbs or faces with skin grafts.

As with many other personal injuries—especially catastrophic injuries— burns can leave the victim with serious psychological damage as well. Both the burns and the resulting surgery can lead to infections.

Explosions can also lead to a condition called “blast lung.” This type of injury can result in a permanent inability to breathe properly. “Blast lung” occurs because the initial blast wave in an explosion turns into highly pressurized gas. This releases energy at supersonic speeds from the center of the explosion. The wave lasts mere milliseconds, but it can cause the lung to tear or burst, or cause hemorrhage (heavy bleeding), contusion, or edema (tissue swelling).

Injuries from explosions extend to more than just burns. They can cause “crush injuries” as well as injuries to the eyes, ears, heart, and brain.

Medical expenses can run into the millions of dollars.

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