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What Types of Injuries are Associated with 3M…

If you are a veteran or active military (and even if you are not) you may have heard about the recent whistleblower lawsuit against 3M Company (“3M”) for manufacturing and knowingly selling defective military earplugs to the United States government. As noted in several of…

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How Should Your Military Earplugs Fit?

If you are active military serving in combat zones or training for combat, properly fitting earplugs are critical to protecting you from permanent partial or full damage to your hearing. Military Earplugs Injuries incurred while serving in the military are not uncommon. Combat and combat…

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3M Military Earplugs: What Went Wrong?

Military service is all about sacrifice. When you join the military, you agree to sacrifice life and limb to protect your country. You accept that. You expect that active duty may expose you to enemy fire and that you could be injured or killed. What…

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