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Getting injured as a result of someone else’s negligence is difficult enough. It’s even worse if an insurance company does not want to pay for the negative experiences you’ve gone through. In some cases, people need additional support and damages to pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and general pain and suffering. If you are dealing with an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay for your injuries, consider working with a Gonzales personal injury lawyer.

Gonzales Personal Injury Lawyer

Dedicated Gonzales Personal Injury Lawyers

Day Law Group puts all of our time and attention into personal injury law cases. This means that we have developed a unique knowledge of Louisiana personal injury law to better represent your personal injury claim. Our firm is small enough to offer an individualized approach to every client instead of treating you like a number. For more information on how we can help with your personal injury claim, contact Day Law Group today.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

If someone has been injured by another party, then they are able to file a personal injury claim against them. This claim must prove that the injuries sustained by the plaintiff were caused by the defendant and caused them a great deal of harm. In most cases, a claim settles before even reaching court, which can save time and money on both sides.

The General Timeline of a Personal Injury Case

Every case is different, but here is a general outline of how a personal injury claim could play out:

  1. Initial Accident: When an accident occurs, it’s a good idea to document as much evidence as possible. Take photos of the scene and see if there are any witnesses who saw it occur.
  2. Physical Evaluation: In most personal injury claims, it’s wise to receive an evaluation by a doctor. Even if your injuries seem relatively minor, they could worsen over time or be worse than you think. Visiting a doctor can also create more evidence in the form of a medical report and maybe a diagnosis, which can be used to prove injuries.
  3. Contact an Attorney: After the initial medical evaluation, an attorney can review all the evidence with you to see what type of case you might have and what you might be entitled to. Many attorneys who work on personal injury cases operate on a contingency fee, so agreeing to hire an attorney might result in low or even no upfront fees.
  4. Negotiating a Settlement: In most cases, a claim will be filed with an insurance company to receive money from their policy. The victim can ask the company for a set amount of damages, but the insurance company will probably attempt to negotiate with a lower offer to save the company money. In some cases, negotiations eventually result in a satisfactory amount for both parties, and the case stops here.
  5. Filing a Legal Case: If both parties are unable to reach a settlement agreement on their own, then the victim can file a case in civil court. Both legal teams will look for information to support their case while continuing to negotiate before the trial. Most cases are resolved before the court date, but if not, a court will review the case and evaluate whether or not the defendant was liable for the plaintiff’s injuries.
  6. Receiving Compensation: After a successful settlement or trial, the attorney may use some of the money to cover their own fees as well as other fees incurred by the court, including filing fees and any fees used to pay for witness testimony. The rest of the money is then given to the client. Each attorney has a different percentage for contingency fees, so the amount might vary depending on the case and the attorney.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for My Personal Injury Case?

The last thing an injured person needs is more work. An attorney can help take the burden off of you by finding evidence to support a personal injury claim. They can gather evidence like medical records, bills associated with medical care, visual and video evidence, reports from police departments, and any other relevant evidence that you might not have even considered.

An attorney can also communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. They know all the common tactics that insurance companies use to withhold payouts and can work to receive an appropriate settlement on your behalf. If you are working with an attorney, it is a good idea to refer any insurance adjuster or outside party with questions on your case to your attorney to make sure communication is consistent.

Even if you receive a settlement offer from an insurance company, an attorney can review it to see if it is satisfactory for your needs. Their experience in other cases can help inform their decision and let you know if you should negotiate for a better offer.

What Time Limit Do I Have to File My Claim?

In Louisiana, there is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims of one year. This means that you only have a year to file a claim before you might not be eligible to receive any damages for your case. There are some exceptions, but most cases must follow this strict time limit. You do not have to file a claim immediately after an accident occurs, but it can help to do so as soon as possible so that all the details are up to date and you can still gather current evidence.

An attorney in Gonzales can speed up the process of a personal injury claim to avoid losing out on your benefits. If an insurance company is taking more time than anticipated to resolve your claim, they might be stalling because of the statute of limitations. This is one reason why it is so important for an individual dealing with a personal injury claim to seek legal counsel.

Get What You’re Owed

Almost every personal injury case can benefit from an effective negotiator who can work through red tape and other setbacks. Don’t let large companies try to make you settle for less than what you need for your injuries. For more assistance in dealing with a personal injury claim, schedule a consultation with Day Law Group today.


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