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Even though a car accident usually happens very quickly, the processes required after the fact can take much longer. From insurance claims to medical procedures to negotiations, navigating a car accident can be difficult to do on your own. That’s why it’s so important to contact a Denham Springs car accident lawyer as soon as you can after a car accident. They can help explain the process to you and handle the legal complexities on your behalf.

Denham Springs Car Accident Lawyer

Day Law Group: Your Denham Springs Car Accident Lawyers

Day Law Group offers support from a team of lawyers who are experienced in personal injury law. We have over 20 years of combined experience and have worked with many clients to recover what they deserve in a variety of personal injury claims. We treat every case and client like an individual, not a number, and can help with claims in Denham Springs at any stage, from the insurance negotiation process to the courtroom.

The Complicated Claims Process

To recover damages from a car accident, many people file a personal injury claim with the insurance company of the individual who was considered at fault for the accident. This might seem like a straightforward process, but it usually takes significantly longer than anticipated for multiple reasons, including:

  • Determining an Amount: If you’re working with a personal injury attorney, they can calculate how much you might be entitled to in damages based on the severity of the accident and your injuries. This process can be complicated but often results in a more accurate figure than calculating it yourself.
  • Working With Professionals: In many cases, a personal injury claim can be validated with information from professionals in other fields. A healthcare provider can determine how much you’ll be able to fully heal from your injuries and how long that might take. A financial analyst can determine the likely cost of your injuries. Attorneys regularly work with professionals like these to develop more accurate claims.
  • Negotiating With Insurance Companies: Insurance companies are sometimes hesitant to pay out large claims. They might ask for more evidence or claim that the amount requested is too high for various reasons. An attorney who is experienced in personal injury law is used to these kinds of arguments and is willing to speak to insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Undergoing a Trial: If you are unable to come to an agreement with an insurance company, your case might have to go to court before you can receive compensation. If this occurs, an attorney can be an important asset to your case. They can prove to the jury that someone else caused your injuries and that you are entitled to damages.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

It might be tempting to file a claim with an insurance company on your own and take the first offer they provide. However, doing this can result in receiving much less than you might have been able to recover. Most initial offers from insurance companies don’t account for the whole picture of the accident, as they are usually an attempt to pay out as little as possible.

Even if your case hasn’t moved to court, it can still benefit from an attorney’s guidance. Even something as simple as reviewing a settlement offer can drastically change the outcome of your claim.

If your case goes to court, you must be able to prove that the other parties involved in your claim had a duty to ensure that you would be safe on the road, but they somehow violated this duty. You must prove that this violation directly caused your injuries, which can be easier said than done. A seasoned personal injury attorney has experience proving this in court, which can increase your odds of a favorable outcome.

Car Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: How Long Will My Car Accident Settlement Take?

A: Car accident settlements can take different amounts of time based on how many parties were involved, how much damage occurred, which insurance companies are contacted, and other factors. Some claims can be resolved in a few months, while others take several years. On average, claims that are settled before a court trial is necessary are completed faster than those that require a court case to resolve.

Q: Is Louisiana a No-Fault State?

A: Louisiana is an at-fault state. This means that the individual who is considered at fault for the accident is usually liable for all the damages incurred in the incident. No-fault states typically require individuals to file claims with their own insurance companies, regardless of who was at fault. Determining who’s at fault in an accident can be difficult, especially if there are many different people involved or if multiple people are partially to blame.

Q: What Types of Damages Can Occur in a Car Accident?

A: Car accidents can result in damages that include economic compensation as well as compensation for non-economic issues. Individuals can attempt to recover money for losses like medical costs, lost wages due to not being able to work, and money to replace or repair their vehicles. They can also obtain compensation for emotional damage that occurred as a result of the accident, which is also known as pain and suffering, with the help of an attorney.

Q: What Happens When a Car Accident Claim Exceeds Insurance Limits in Louisiana?

A: Claims that exceed insurance limits can be addressed in a variety of ways. It is always a good idea to purchase uninsured motorist coverage and additional insurance before an accident occurs in case the damages are worth more than what you have on your insurance policy. If you do not have this coverage, a personal injury claim might be helpful in recovering damages that exceed the limits of your car insurance policy. Contact a personal injury attorney for more details.

Stand Up for Your Case

Don’t let a big insurance company scare you into not receiving the compensation you deserve. Working with an attorney can provide additional evidence for your claim for better bargaining power. They can also represent you in court if negotiations are unsuccessful. Schedule a consultation with Day Law Group today to learn how to navigate your insurance claim and receive compensation for your car accident.


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