Motorcycle Defects Can Lead to Accidents.

Two motorcyclists on an empty road

In 2018, Harley-Davidson recalled a number of its motorcycles. It was Harley-Davidson’s fifth recall in five years.  While many motorcycle accidents occur because of biker or passenger car driver error, we shouldn’t discount the fact that sometimes the cause of an accident is a mechanical error.

Compared to the occupants of a passenger vehicle, motorcycle riders are already at a higher risk of injury if an accident occurs. When a person is riding a defective motorcycle, those risks skyrocket.

Defective Conditions Lead to Liability.

Just like any mechanical product, motorcycles are susceptible to defects. Defects can occur at any stage in the manufacturing process, including in the design and the production phases.

Design defects can result in a motorcycle that is dangerous because it does not function properly. For example, a design defect might make a bike unstable. Manufacturing defects occur during the production phase of a bike.  If a manufacturer used poor quality parts or components, the end result can be a dangerous product.

Defective motorcycles that cause injuries because of those defects can be the subject of litigation. Such cases are “product liability” cases. Product liability is the legal theory used to hold a manufacturer or seller liable for placing a defective product into the “stream of commerce.” In other words, for sending a defective product into the hands of unsuspecting consumers.

The law requires all products to meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer. If a product (like a motorcycle) is defective or unexpectedly dangerous, it fails to meet the proper legal standard for consumer products.

Some Common Defective Conditions In Motorcycles.

Motorcycles can have any number of defects, but here are 3 common ones:

Defective brakes. Defective brakes can lead to a sudden loss of braking power and require an increased stopping distance—increasing the rider’s risk of injury.

Defective tires. Defective tires can cause blowouts leading to the rider losing control of the bike.

Frames. Another serious defect can exist in the bike’s frame. Cracked frames can lead to serious accidents due to structural failure.

Riding motorcycles can be risky.  Riding a defective bike makes an already risky ride downright dangerous—to everyone on the road.

Your Safety Is Our Concern.   

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