How You Can Get A Copy Of The Police Report After Your Car Crash.

Police report and evidence

How To Get A Police Report For a Car Accident

In Louisiana, there are several ways you can get a police report after your car accident. And yes, they all involve paying a fee for the report.

  • One way is to contact the law enforcement agency, municipal police department, or the police officer who responded to the scene and ask for a copy of the report. They can instruct you on how to submit a record request from whoever has your report. You will then be able to receive the report by mail or email.
  • Another way is to go to the Louisiana State Police Statewide Crash Reports website and request a copy of the car accident report online. After entering some necessary information, you will be able to review the report online (limited preview) before purchasing it.

What if you were too injured or upset to get a copy of the report at the time of the accident? Can you still get a copy of the police report?


Why Police Reports are Important

Following a car accident, if you have to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover for your injuries and property damages, one of the most important documents you can have is the police report made at the scene of the crash.

A car accident report (also called a “car crash report”) is important because it has all the details of the incident. It provides information about the people and cars involved in the crash and describes how the accident occurred. The report will also contain addresses and insurance details for the parties involved. All of this is necessary and helpful if you are making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for your damages.

Getting a copy of the police report can be critical. It is evidence of how the accident occurred. It is also official documentation by a neutral third party (the police) so it carries a lot of weight for litigation purposes. Having a copy of the car accident report provides you with the documentation and information you need for insurance purposes and can help you defend against any false claims brought against you as well as prove your case if you are alleging that the accident was caused by the reckless actions of another person.

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